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Conditions Treated

Acupuncture as a treatment modality is capable of addressing a wide variety of conditions.  Most commonly in the West individuals seek out acupuncture for the treatment of musculoskeletal pain, digestive disorders, migraines, infertility, gynecological disorders, and insomnia.

At Evolve Acupuncture we treat:

  • A wide range of painful conditions including but not limited to all types of orthopedic/musculoskeletal pain (e.g. low back, neck, knee, hip & shoulder pain), migraines and craniofacial pain.
  • Tendonitis, bursitis, plantar fasciitis
  • Osteoarthritis
  • Autoimmune conditions
  • Digestive Disorders
  • Gynecological disorders
  • Emotional conditions such as anxiety & depression

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